Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Activities

 Talon's choir was invited to sing at the State Capitol Building in early December.
(She is in the back row, 4th from the left)

 Here she is watching the other schools sing.

 This is looking across the entrance at the opposite stairway. Its a beautiful building.

 The cub scouts helped the fire department sort barrels of donated food. Then pack them into boxes for needy family's & delivered them.

 We had the cereal barrels at the front of the line. If you ever donate food, donate cereal. There wasn't enough for every family to get a box of cereal.For some family's we had to put 2 single serving size box's in.

 Aden's double checking that they are not opened and Talon's pushing them down the line.

 Shane & Hayla

 OOPS I forgot to flip these! Since the wood stove is so bad for Hayla's lungs we don't use it. I plan on making it a plant stand.. and for Xmas it was a present overflow area.(PS that blue paint is so gone this spring!!)

 Oops continued...I love hanging all the kids Xmas art they make in school, bible study, & parties.The wreath on the door is from when Talon was in 1st grade.

I love this picture. Aren't they cute! Don't let them fool you...they where promptly removed from each other after this picture. They had been wrestling!


  1. Happy New Year to everyone. I love the new pictures, but it seems as though the kids are growing before my very eyes. I pray that this New Year brings good things to your family. Wish I could be there with you to see the New Year in. I look forward to May. Love to you all. Nanny

  2. LOVE the pictures!!!! You need to put rocks on the kids heads so they stop growing.

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!

    Love you all......